Saturday, July 19, 2014

Breakfast bonus! Inspiration from cherry season. What do you make for breakfast with cherries?

I love to make waffles. I am working on a side project that has me in the kitchen testing new waffle ideas. 
This morning my inspiration was cherries! I posted the recipe on my recipe site, click here for a protein packed, no sugar added, quick and healthy breakfast option! 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Going out of town for a summertime trip? Five tips to eat right while you are on vacation!

Traveling is a great place to get in your refined foods. Theme parks, beaches and family reunions host a number of unhealthy eating choices. This is also a time of year where you may feel compelled to throw out your healthy eating habits and give in to the easy route of fast food and quick picks.

Here are five tips for circumventing the junk on your family vacay so that you don't go home feeling worse than you did before you left for your summer fun.

1. Research rocks-
A little pre-planning goes a long way. After you have picked your vacation city do a search for healthy fare in the area. Find out which restaurants have healthier choices. Here are a couple of websites I like to look at: and

2. A little pre-shopping goes a long way-
Let's face it, no matter how hard we try there are very few "clean" options available at theme parks. The best that we did were salads but we ate at the best restaurant the theme park had. It's best to bring your own healthy snacks. When we went to the theme parks we loaded up on dried fruits (mangoes, raisins, cranberries), dried nuts, Kind bars, apples and oranges as well as bottled water.

3. Dine in-
When choosing a place to stay, consider a condo or renting a house. The ability to have a kitchen is by far a life saver when trying to avoid unrefined foods. Double check to see if you have access to a grill. This is a great way to spend time with the family in the great outdoors and an easy way to cook vegetables and lean meats.

4. Hydrate the right way
Don't forget about the importance of hydration. Sometimes being dehydrated gets in the way of eating healthy. Your efforts to take in extra fluids can lead to your intake of easy refined foods that are quick to grab when grabbing a drink. Bring your own water bottle full of water, fresh juice blends or smoothies.

5. Adventure hunt - Seek out local produce or farmers markets in the area where you are vacationing.When we were headed down to the Florida Keys we stopped at an amazing local fruit stand called Robert is Here. Our kids experienced amazing local tropical fruit and we bought enough local produce to last us the 4 days we were in Key Largo. To find local farmers markets in your area of vacationing visit:

Remember not to stress! are on vacation.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Top 5 treats that will make your 4th of July "POP" !

Have your kids taste buds go POP this Fourth of July with these easy, healthy and delicious treats!

1. Patriotic fruit kebab
2. Banana ice cream (1 ingredient- frozen bananas! Just freeze, blend and serve)
5.Ice pops (I just bought these on Amazon)
Have a great Fourth of July!
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fireworks with Party Food for Fourth of July (Menu and recipes included)

I love the patriotic colors of the holiday and like to include red, white and blue in the festivity snacks although I prefer to not invite red dye #40 and blue dye #1 to the festivities. This holiday I have included a menu of delicious patriotic treats that can be included in your day of patriotic fun. 

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day consider these strawberry waffles. The secret ingredient is white beans included for extra protein and fiber to fill the bellies and last them through the early morning sandcastle building or swimming. Click here for the delicious special release of my families test kitchen waffle.


Lunch:  Cream cheese, peanut butter and grape jelly wrapped in a whole wheat wrap served with a side of Hummus with red pepper, cauliflower, and purple carrots (can also be served in a wrap or pita bread) if PBC& J not a favored lunchtime item.

Snack: Firecracker/ eagles nest trail mix: popcorn, yogurt covered raisins, dried strawberries and pretzel sticks.

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast served with Watermelon, feta, blueberry and mint salad

Dessert: A fun frozen dessert or fruity cupcakes for the firework festivities. Frozen yogurt, blueberry and strawberry pops or Watermelon cupcakes.

Have a great Fourth of July!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's a party without a (pizza) bar?

Pizza is a fun treat in our household. Recently our favorite pizza place changed owners and hasn't been the same since. For Father's Day the kids and I bought a pizza maker for the grill. I figured we could closer meet the quality and fun factor of our ex-favorite pizza place in the comforts of our own home.
For Father's Day we christened the pizza maker with a pizza bar! Super easy and fun for the whole family. I bought pizza dough from Publix (our local grocery store), a plethora of vegetables, 2% mozzarella cheese and a variety of pizza sauces. Each child, which ended up being three kids as our neighbor participated, pounded out their dough and made their masterpiece. It was great fun and the pizzas cooked up in < 15 minutes. Next time you are thinking of a fun theme for your Sunday afternoon, consider grilling up your favorite pizza!
We even got Grandfather involved!
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A letter to all dads this Father's Day. What do you think the best gift for dad is?

My Dad & I, Jack Hyatt, 1999(ish)

Father’s Day comes around just one day every year, but this year give dad a gift that will last him throughout the year, the gift of health! This year I have written a letter to all respective dads to be shared among loved ones.

Dear Dad (Grandfathers, husbands and future dads),

Dad's stand for strength, assurance and kindness. It takes a great man to stand up to a huge responsibility and become a father who passes on his wisdom, skills and advice. Keep your body in the best shape it can be with these ten healthy tips strong enough to help you keep up your “super-dad” name!

1. Lycopene. An amazing phytochemical found in abundance in tomatoes, watermelon and papaya and has been shown to be a potential prostate cancer reducer. Include red colored fruits and vegetables to increase your intake of this nutrient packed phytochemical.

2. Avocados. Great for inflammation and chocked full of monounsaturated fatty acids (the good type of fats) as well as being a potential cholesterol and diabetes reducer.

3. Choose lean protein sources. Only eat red meat or beef one time per week and make it lean cuts like loin and round. Eat chicken without the skin and try to eat fish at least 1 time per week. Consider going meatless one day a week incorporating beans, nuts and soy products as the main meal item.

4. If you drink alcohol switch to red wine for the benefits of resveratrol. In moderation, red wine has shown to be potentially heart-healthy.

5. Don't forget to eat breakfast and regular meals throughout the day. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and will balance your mood, concentration and endurance throughout the day.

6. Keep moving for at least 60 minutes per day. Exercise is a great stress relief and good for all aspects of your body.

7. Sleep for at least 8 hours per night.

8. When you grill consider marinating meat in a mixture of oil, vinegar and spices including onions and garlic to help minimize the carcinogens that may occur during the process of grilling.
9. Watch your salt intake. Try to avoid lunch meats, canned foods and packaged foods. Avoid salting your foods at the table and with cooking. Our food has plenty of salt naturally added. Choose spices and herbs to season your food.

10. Remember you are a huge role model for the entire family, what you do they will likely copy.


Happy Father’s Day! This year and too many more!


Brandi Thompson RDN, LD/N


P.S. Sometimes the best gifts that we can give our dads are hugs and kind words of appreciation. As a Registered Dietitian it can be hard for me to hold back when I see my dad eating in an unhealthy way. We would all like to see our dads live forever and I am often torn between letting him enjoy what he is eating and reminding him of healthier choices.  My dad has always been a strong and impressionable part of my life and a year and a half ago he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. As a family we were devastated and writing about it still gets me teary eyed even though he has been in remission for almost a year. The celebration of Father’s Day can be a time of reflection on our families, our work life and how we fuel our bodies. Taking advantage of the aspects of nutrition that are valid and evidence based can help our dads, husbands and sons live a long and healthy life.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

End of the year classroom parties!

The last party of the year doesn't have to be filled with high sugar, low nutrient containing snacks! Here are some ideas that will keep your class healthy and hydrated as they set off to start their summer break.
1. Applesauce cups
2. Fruity Booty- Pirate Booty's new fruit version
of the popular crunchy treat.
3. Fresh apples, bananas and oranges.
4. Sandwiches cut into sun shapes and other
festive summer designs.
5. Healthy dips: guacamole, hummus and salsa served with carrots, pretzels, whole wheat pita bread and broccoli florets.

Send them off with a bag full of healthy treats (for the mind and body). The bookmark adds a special note of advice from a Registered Dietitian and mom on how to stay healthy during the summer.

Have a great summer and don't forget to stay
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